Innoven Srl becomes partner of the Bio Based Industries – AFTERLIFE project (

 The AFTERLIFE project proposes a flexible, cost- and resource-efficient process for recovering and valorizing the relevant fractions from wastewater. It will represent an advance on existing approaches to wastewater treatment, which rely on physic-chemical and biological methods.
The AFTERLIFE process will separate out the different components of value using a series of membrane filtration units that will separate all the solids in the wastewater. These will then treated to obtain high-pure extracts and metabolites or, alternatively, to be converted into value-added biopolymers; polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). In addition to the value extracted from the solids, the remaining outflow of the water will be ultrapure and ready for re-use.
Innoven Srl develops the activities related to the anaerobic digestion of the low value-added organic matter in order to obtain volatile fatty acids (feedstock for the production of PHA) (WP3) and to produce a biofuel (biogas) for the generation of energy within the process (WP4). This way, Innoven Srl has a key contribution in the zero-waste scheme proposed for AFTERLIFE process.


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