Innoven srl can provide decision-making support to the customers through technical and economic assessments to define the most suitable digestion process (wet, semi-dry, dry, etc.), materials (vitrified steel, concrete, etc.) and operating conditions for both existing and new plants. Through samplings and the related laboratory analyses, we can define the methanogenic potential (BMP) of the feedstock fed to the digesters, as well as monitor the process and identify optimal management strategies to optimize biogas production. We can also provide consultancy regarding the biogas treatment in terms of upgrading to pure methane, which could be pumped into public pipelines or used for cogeneration (electric energy production or heating)


Anaerobic sludge dewatering involves solid-liquid separation so Innoven srl can provide for the design of the wastewater treatment of the liquid fraction, integrating it in the project of the anaerobic digestion compartment.


Innoven srl can provide engineering every step of the project, from the feasibility to the executive phase (process reports, P&ID, layouts, as built, etc.), on the basis of the above mentioned evaluations;


Innoven srl, as EPC contractor (since it’s part of the Tonello Energie Group holding), can also take in charge of construction, commissioning and staff training.

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